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Looking for some good information about sleep, stress and weighted blankets? You've found the perfect place! Grab a cup of tea, curl up in your weighted blanket and explore.

Why do we dream?

Dreams can be fun, frightening or just downright weird! Pretty much all of us experience dreaming, so what is it for?

3 Common Habits Which Can Ruin Your Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep can be a struggle! But there are things we can stop doing befor bed to give ourselves the best chance.

Everything You Need To Know About Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation

Weighted blankets work through deep touch pressure, this simulates the sensation of being hugged which triggers your body to do some cool stuff.

How Better Sleep Helps Your Memory

Getting a good night's sleep is essential to stay healthy and happy, but you might not have considered how sleep can affect your memory.

Health Benefits of Napping

It's normal to get drowsy in the daytime, although having a nap might be seen as lazy there are some good health benefits if you do it right.

Learning to Relax

Relaxing should be simple, but switching off is harder than ever! We all need good strategies to settle our minds and find calm, here's a few of our favourite tips.

How Sleep Can Affect Your Weight

Sleep is essential for our bodies, to keep them working as they should and everything in balance, when we don't get enough sleep we can end up gaining weight.

Can Weighted blankets can help reduce stress and anxiety?

Life and responsibilies wear us down, even the most resilient of us; weighted blankets can trigger our bodies in built sytems to help us to calm down and relax

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Modern life can be intense, with the world being so interconnected it can seem hard to ever really detach and take a breath.

Are Cheap Weighted Blankets Worth It?

Weighted blankets have gone big time, and it's great that they're more accessible than ever; but they're not all made the same, and they're not all good.

Covid - Starving us of Touch - How a weighted blanket can help

Human physical contact is essential for wellbeing, we're social animals, it's hardwired into our bodies; with the lockdown this can be difficult but a weighted blanket can help to bridge the gap.

Sommio's Guide to Surviving Lockdown No.2

We got through lockdown No.1, but now it's back for a sequel and with the dark nights and cold weather it helps to have a good strategy to keep yourself from going stir crazy!