Goodbye stress,
hello rest.

Hand knit from 100% cotton, for perfect weight distribution, no weight shifting and no overheating.

Weighted blankets on sofa

"I woke feeling more rested, as if I’d slept deeply and calmly, cocooned in my blanket."


"I’m surprised by the fact that the results are so instant"


"The blanket provides ultimate comfort and cosiness"


"This lavish blanket left us feeling instantly relaxed and at ease"

Better for you, and the planet.

At Sommio we take pride in making great blankets, we don't cut corners (you'll not find any loosely knit blankets here! 😍), and we don't use unethical producers. We only use the highest quality Turkish cotton, and every worker at each stage is paid a fair wage.

Reduced Cortisol

Reduced Cortisol

Weighted products have been shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol; helping you recover from stress and anxiety, to achieve a calmer, more relaxed state.

Increased Serotonin

Increased Serotonin

Deep touch pressure has been shown to increase levels of Serotonin which helps you reach a healthier, happier frame of mind, and soothe you towards sleep.

More Melotonin

More Melotonin

Melatonin is an essential part of your body's timekeeping system; by naturally increasing melatonin levels deep touch stimulation helps your body know that it's time to unwind and prepare for sleep.

Knitted Weighted Blanket

from £184.99
Knitted Weighted Blanket photo



Each of our cosy, highly breathable, knitted weighted blankets are made from nothing but layer upon layer of natural, organic European cotton. Ideal for all sleepers.

Each blanket is hand knit to order so are dispatched between 1-5 business days after your order.

We regularly change cotton colours, so some blankets pictured may not be currently available.


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