The best weighted blanket for hot sleepers

Getting a great night's sleep can be made much harder if you're too hot. High body heat not only makes you feel restless and uncomfortable, it can also interrupt your circadian rhythm. Even if your room is at the right temperature (around 18°C), a poorly designed blanket can trap heat and cause you to overheat. Sommio weighted blankets are always designed with heat management in mind.

Do weighted blankets make you hot?

If you often have trouble overheating you might be anxious about whether to buy a weighted blanket. Won't the weight make you feel even hotter? Well it all comes down to the blanket!

Many weighted blankets use glass or plastic beads, synthetic fillers and non-breathable fabrics; these blankets will trap heat. This is why Sommio never use loose beads or synthetic fillers, whether it's our patent pending Weightex weighted blankets, or our 100% cotton knitted weighted blankets, all Sommio blankets are breathable and cool.

Choosing a weighted blanket for hot sleepers

Even if you're not sold on getting a Sommio blanket, we've made it our mission to make sure customers aren't being misled to buying poor quality blankets; they may be cheap, but are cheap weighted blankets worth it? If you've found a blanket you like, make sure it ticks these boxes:

No Artificial Fillers

The majority of weighted blankets use glass or plastic beads to add the weight. These blankets have beads segmented into pockets; to keep the noise down and you from feeling the beads they stuff the blanket with cheap polyester. Polyester wadding is not only bad for the environment, it traps heat, making these blankets quickly overheat.

The drawbacks of beads

Different manufacturers use different types of beads, both have their negatives

Glass Beads

Glass beads are the most common choice, mainly because they're cheap and easy to get hold of. these glass beads are manufactured for use in sandblasting. Since they're designed to be used as a mild abrasive the movement of these beads inside the pocket eventually works away as the seam of the blanket. This movement causes the seams to seperate and beads to leak between pockets and from the blanket.

Plastic pellets

Plastic pellets hold heat, so the blanket gets hotter easier. These pellets are also bad for the environment as they often end up discarded in a landfill.

Sommio weighted blankets never use artificial fillers, and always say no to plastics. Plastics and their production have significant negative impact upon our planet.

Keep it breathable

Different fabrics have different qualities, the choice of fabric makes a big difference as to how cool it can keep you. Go for a fleecy polyester for your weighted anxiety blanket and you'll likely be far too hot to even think about destressing!

If you're looking to keep cool, you can't go wrong with our 100% cotton knitted weighted blanket. Delightfully soft and with unrivalled breathability, this blanket is great for the sofa or the bed, even for users with the most sensitive skin.

Your next best choice is our weighted blanket, it's designed for use on a bed inside a standard single duvet colour this blanket has our patent pending Weightex fabric at its core. This fabric has great heat transfer properties, allowing it to hold the perfect temperature. If you're looking for a great night's sleep, this is definitely the best weighted blanket for insomnia.

Keep the weight even

Weighted blankets work by applying an even gentle pressure over a large area, keeping the weight evenly distributed is essential for them to work well and feel comfortable. Keeping weight even is not just important for the blanket to be effective, beads bunching can trap heat and create hot spots.

Since our Weightex keeps the weight fixed in place and evenly distributed it's always a consistent thin and breathable depth, keeping the blanket cool and comfortable. Our knitted weighted blankets also provide perfectly even weight distribution, as the weight is provided with nothing but 100% organic cotton.

Top tips for hot sleepers

If you struggle with overheating then we recommend that you don't use any other bedding between you and your weighted blanket. You may want to use a thin duvet on top of your blanket in the cooler months.

  • Don't wear thick or fleecy pyjamas. Grab yourself some breathable attire and keep your feet uncovered to make sure you can get rid of excess heat.
  • Make sure all your bedding is cotton, it's breathable and cooling.
  • Check that your mattress has good airflow and doesn't trap heat. We recommend staying away from memory or other foams as these are particularly bad.
  • Keep your room cool.
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