What makes Sommio the best weighted blanket UK option?

Weighted blankets have well and truly hit the mainstream this year, with people all over the world discovering how a weighted blanket can help you feel better and sleep better. Unfortunately many users are also finding the drawbacks of many of the blankets available, with a surge of cheap, poorly made and poorly designed blankets becoming available in the UK weighted blanket market.

At Sommio we've always put the quality of our blankets as our top priority, which is why customers and reviewers like The Mattress Guide love them

What makes a weighted blanket effective?

first off we need to know what boxes a weighted blanket has to tick to be the best weighted blanket. Over our years selling blankets and listening to customer feedback we've discovered the the most important characteristics:

Even weight distribution

The core purpose of a weighted blanket is for it to trigger the same physiological response in your body as a hug; this means that it has to provide and even gentle pressure over a large area.

For this to be effective the weight needs to be distributed evenly shape well around your body, this leads into the next point


It's easy to make something heavy, but it's much harder to make it heavy and flexible. The best weighted blanket will shape the weight around your body.

Nice and cool

Overheating is never nice, but when a weighted blanket is too hot it can do the opposite of what you need, making you feel oppressed and stressed. A weighted blanket should be breathable and maintain a comfortable temperature

Glass Beads Are For Sandblasting Not Blankets

It's pretty tricky to make a good weighted blanket. It's easy to make a heavy blanket with dense fabric, but that makes the blanket stiff, and if you make the blanket more flexible you lose the weight that makes is effective, so what's the solution?

Many companies use the old technique of filling a cotton shell with glass or plastic beads; these beads are trapped in a small area by stitching them into pockets. Mabufacturers use this design as the beads are readily available (they're made for use in sandblasting) and stitching them into pockets is pretty easy. This is a pretty terrible solution.

Beads Always Bunch

Even if the beads are evenly distributed across the blanket, they will still bunch up inside the pocket. The glass beads that are used in these blankets act like a liquid, sloshing around when the blanket is moved and congregating at the lowest point.

This means that even though the blanket feels flexible, the weight doesn't keep up with the fabric and you don't get an even weight distribution.

Beads Need Padding Which Adds Heat

Since beads love to slosh around manufacturers add polyester wadding to the inside of the blanket. This wadding masks the noise and feel of the beads, but traps heat. This heat makes a glass bead filled weighted blanket feel uncomfortable 🥵 .

The polyester in the blankets is often made using poor manufacturing policies which have significant and negative impacts on the environment, if you're thinking of buying a cheap weighted blanket you may want consider if cheap weighted blankets are worth the price.

In short bead filled blankets don't pass our best weighted blankets criteria, we really can't emphasise enough how poorly designed this style of planket is, and fully recommend that you don't purchase a glass bead blanket if there is any other option available to you.

❌ Even weight distribution 🤷 Flexibility (partially true) ❌ Nice and cool

What's the Alternative?

Luckily glass bead blankets aren't the only option you have! We've listened to the feeback of our customers and worked hard on creating alternative options that not only perform and feel better than a thick and hot glass bead blanket, but look better too! Which is why we're confident we're the best weighted blanket UK option 🥳.

Pure Cotton Luxury

Our Knitted Weighted Blanket is the best weighted blanket for the sofa by far. Made of nothing but layer upon layer of organic cotton this chunky knit blanket comes in a range of colours that will look great in your home.

The satisfying textured weave means the blanket is supremely breathable, and applies a perfect even pressure across your body without any danger of causing you to overheat.

A clever solution to utilising only cotton with no beads or fillers, which is still highly flexible and shapes well to your body, we can't stop raving about how good it is and neither can our customers.

✔️ Even weight distribution ✔️ Flexibility (partially true) ✔️ Nice and cool

Revolutionary Weightex Fabric

Our Weighted Blanket utilises our patent pending Weightex fabric. This fabric solves all the issues with loose bead fill. Through a proprietary process Sommio's Weightex changes everything about what is possible with a weighted blanket by integrating weight into the fabric, no thicker or stiffer than a couple of sheets of cotton it provides satisfying perfect weight distribution.

The advanced chromium alloy weight integrated into the Weightex not only provides the weight, but efficiently transfers excess heat away from the body, so you can maintain a perfect body temperature, for the best weighted blanket experience.

Our Weighted Blanket fits in a standard single duvet cover, so you don't need to worry about any speciality covers, zips or ties. This is the best weighted blanket for use on a bed.

✔️ Even weight distribution ✔️ Flexibility (partially true) ✔️ Nice and cool

It's not just the blanket that makes us the UK's best weighted blanket option

We're here to help every step of the way, so you can feel confident in your weighted blanket purchase. Whether you need help picking a weight, with delivery, or if you feel the blanket is not a great fit for you, we're always around to help.

if you're not sure about whether you want to buy a weighted blanket you can talk to us, or make use of our 30 day trial. We offer free next day shipping in the UK so you could be getting better sleep tomorrow!

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